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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

BYOC capacity raised by 20 slots!

BabyToss2nd August 2013 at 17:02
The beginning of the biggest domestic LAN, which again will be the one and only BenQ LanCraft Summer 2013, is knocking on the door. The seats in BYOC are disappearing quickly and we have registered 138 players so far. Players of StarCraft 2 make the vast majority of these players and they managed to fill not only these 60 seats, which were originally planned, but also all these 10 additional slots available.

The admins went to scout the area this Thursday to find a positive news for you. There is a possibility to increase the amount of slots in BYOC by whole 20 seats. Because of that, the capacity of LanCraft will go up to 210 players.

We decided to give these slots to players of StarCraft, because of great interest which exceeded our possibilities until now. We will make the proper alterations here on our website, to make it clear where these seats will be placed during this weekend. Not much time is left, as well as in regards of the huge amount of people being interested, that is why we decided to not loiter and open the reservations right now.

If you are a StarCraft player and you wish to participate at LanCraft, follow these instructions:

1 - Send an e-mail to with the information of how many slots you want.
2 - After your slot is confirmed you need to pay the fee during 3 working days.
3 - Once the payment is received you'll be able to pick your seat.

Do not wait any longer!

If there's such a chance that the SC2 players won't be able to fill this space, the remaining slots will be given at disposal to some other games. The deadline of reservations for SC2 is 12th August. We also remind you that there's still possibility for DOTA 2, to register as substitutes, which may, eventually, show us interest in case we need to reassign some of these free slots.
League of Legends

Status of the teams for League of Legends tournament

BabyToss30th July 2013 at 20:02
Just three weeks until LanCraft. Most spots are already taken and League of Legends League of Legends is the only game with free spots.

We are giving a deadline for LoL registrations now, to avoid empty spots at BenQ LanCraft, and the date is 4th August 2013. If any of the teams, who haven't registered yet and have not paid yet plans to come to LanCraft, it is necessary to send an e-mail to with player roster.

All teams have to pay at least for 3 players of their roster until 11th August at the latest, to have their spot confirmed.

Spots, which won't be reserved until 11th August (paid) will be released  and at disposal for another game.

Actual status of the teams
  • eSuba - confirmed
  • iG - confirmed
  • Yolo - confirmed
  • iNfernity - confirmed
  • eXtatus  - confirmed
  • B00Bs - partialy paid
  • NARDO - partialy paid
  • iNfernity Academy - partialy paid
  • NoBrain - partialy paid
  • Pedicabo Ego

First introduction of HAL3000 Grunex Challenge

BabyToss25th July 2013 at 22:59
One of our partners, computers HAL3000, has prepared a small surprise for the visitors of LanCraft of this year. There, they will introduce new series of computer setups which were designed specifically for the BenQ Grunex Challenge for the first time in the Czech Republic. The setup's name is HAL3000 Grunex by MSI and the players and LanCraft visitors will be able to attest it's performance just in a month.

The HAL3000 computers are renown for their quality and there will be no exception in this case either. The motherboard is H87-G41 PC Mate with chipset Intel H87 which contains processor of 4th generation Haswell, Intel Core i5-4570 3,2 GHz with quality, silent cooler GELID TRANQUILLO. Memory contains TEAM Xtreem Vulcan with the capacity of 8GB. The GPU is also a quality pick, which is essential for playing games in the highest resolution. It's represented by MSI N760 TF 2GD5/OC Gaming in the setup.

WD Caviar Black Hard-drive with the capacity of 1TB and 7200 RPM was picked - Not just for saving files, but also for faster reaction times, which is additionally supported by SSD disk Kingston SSDNow V300, which has 120GB capacity and it's main task will be the super quick start of the operating system (Windows 8 in this case), games and applications. The indepth description of whole setup follows.



MSI H87-G41 PC Mate, chipset IntelH87, socket LGA1150


INTEL Core i5-4570 3,2GHz, socket 1150

CPU cooler



TEAM Xtreem Vulcan, DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz


MSI N760 TF 2GD5/OC Gaming, 2GB GDDR5, DVI, HDMI, DP

SSD disc for system

Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB, SATA 3

Hard Drive

WD Caviar Black 1TB, SATA600, 7200RPM



Power Core

ZALMAN ZM500-GT, 500W, 12cm fan, PFC, certification 80Plus

Operating system


Optical Mechanic


As we've already said, these computers will be debuting at BenQ LanCraft 2013.Ten of these computers will be featured at the stage, where the best players and teams will be playing during the finals. However, everyone will be able to test what these computers are capable of, including the spectators. These setups, next to some other devices will be placed in the promotional PC and will be ready to use. And, you'll be able to play the newest games on those as well, as always.
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Possibility of borrowing PC's for StarCraft II players

BabyToss16th July 2013 at 18:59
The demand for participation at StarCraft 2 at BenQ LanCraft Summer 2013 truly breaks the records. Only 5 weeks left until the LAN starts and over 50 players have already paid. Because of that, the StarCraft community have got sixth row at their disposal, which was kept on stand by, which increased the final number of participants to 70.

The huge interest and because of the fact that StarCraft 2 is a duel game, is a reason why we offer a possibility to come without a computer to the players. There will be 10 computers, official HAL3000 Grunex Challenge by MSI configurations which will be introduced next week and where the players without BYOC slot will be able to participate in the main 1v1 tournament.

Each computer will have a two players rotation, so the maximum amount of players who can come without their own computers will be 20. If you wish to participate this way, you need to pick "player" option in the registration. Logically, first come, first serve who pay the entry fee.

There will be the game of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm ready on the computers, so all the players will need will be a account, their own peripherals - mouse, keyboard, headset, etc.

The players will be eligible to play only in the main tournament. The additional tournaments won't be played on these computers.
League of Legends

Interview with Herdyn

BabyToss14th July 2013 at 22:59
League of Legends League of Legends tournament at QenQ LanCraft Summer 2013 has already the first team, which has paid the tickets. It's eSuba.Intel, one of the top favorites for taking the tournament. This team has had great deal of changes throughout the year. The biggest one as now was the change of three players out of five-members team, which came suddenly after having good results.

eSuba.Intel, it's Leagu eof Legend team participated on last LanCraft as well, where the team around team captain czech Pavel "Herdyn" Mikeš managed to pull the win. And it's Herdyn, who we caught for the purpose of short interview which we offer you right now.

Hi Herdyn. Can you introduce yourself for those who just returned from North Korea and never heard of you?

My name is Pavel Mikeš, they call me Herdy and I play League of Legends League of Legends for eSuba, at Top position. My most favoured nicks are Warwick, Mordekaiser and AP Shaco.
At Copenhagen Games 2013 Herdyn's team triumphed (foto: eSuba) 

As you being part of eSuba, you are the first team of LoL, which will participate at LanCraft for sure. What are your experiences with LanCraft? How many events have you participated on so far, and how did you like the events?

I was at LanCraft only once so far, last year. It was a great experience though, because we managed to place way beyond my expectations, after we managed to beat the back then top team eXtatus. My team full of trolls and nerds became eSuba that LAN, we became the offline event slayers. This will be five event for me this year and I am looking forward to it. The second part of question was cunnily placed, but I think there was already enough said about Quietus Day. 

Perhaps we didn't understand each other properly, but no worries. :)Your team was recently formed. Do you have any specific plans when it comes to preparations for upcoming event and to reclaim the title from the last year?

We are working as hard as possible. I'd kill for another game with my team. However, one team member is probably a vampire, because he leaves around 9 pm and nobody knows where. So if any of you wake up with vampire fangs traces in your neck in the morning, please send me my lazy teammember back by post mail.
Herdyn (in the middle) at last year's LanCraft 

How would you describe the situation on Czech & Slovak scene when it comes to teams? Are there teams which could beat eSuba or Benched Gaming and wlk towards the victory in the tournament?

I think a lot of team expect results right after of forming of the team and that is why it usually doesn't last long. They will gain the most experiences by supporting each other and by talking to each other, by pointing mistakes of each other. I think eXtatus and Frozenriders have the most potential at the moment. I was surprised by Slowvirus members at last offline event as well.

Thank you for the interview and I look forward to seeing you and your team at LanCraft. Anything you'd want to tell your fans to finish this off?

Likewise, and I thank you for this opportunity and I hope I won't let you down. As far as messages for the fans - As always - I'd like to say I value their support a lot and I am glad they don't give up on us. I was positively surprised by them recently.

LanCraft network with ICS Intercom again

BabyToss11th July 2013 at 12:59
Network is a building stone of every LAN. LanCraft participants got an opportunity of getting used to great network equipment of Cisco Systems, which was kindly borrowed to us by ICS Intercom Systems. Not only they managed to modernize their equipment, which we have at our disposal at LanCraft, but they also granted our admins more options in administering and monitoring the network.

This equipment was available for our disposal during the last year. We are happy to announce that we will see return of this equipment even for this year's LAN. With this - You can look forward to good and functional network. The quality of the equipoment is additionally empowered by experiences, which our admins have acquired last year, while using Cisco Systems.

It's truly needed, as the quality of network highly influences the quality of whole LAN event. Additionally, when games of nowadays are usually played only through the internet, there's an increase of requirements not only when it comes to equipment, but also when it comes to admins. Rest assured though, your connection will be handled just perfectly.
(Even Gandalf knows what's the best) 

Aside of modern switches, which will be at your disposal, you can look forward to Wi-fi wireless connection to be at your disposal, so even those, who are fans of mobile devices & their numbers are increasing each LanCraft, won't come short-handed.

The admin of LanCraft - Ing. Petr "The._.One" Havlíček  (CSCO11842167, Instructor of Cisco Network Academy by VŠB-TU Ostrava) was kind enough to share his experiences with us.

"LAN of this magnitude needs really solid technical backing. We reached to the point, where we cannot afford hesitation. That's why we want the best for our players. There's no better company when it comes to computer networking, than Cisco Systems Inc, which has been a defining point of this branch for decades. As far as I am concerned - I am glad that we were able to get equipment from the number one of the branch, with great support from INTERCOM SYSTEMS company.

That's why we are able to build network worth of importance of this event, which will provide the maximum comfort and stability for our players, allowing them to show their best. The Cisco Systems equipment is known for its' stability. I've been managing some of the aspects for nearly 10 years, without a break. It's not just a question of stability, though. These units have various functions, which make the network management, it's fine-tuning in order to increase the performance and last but not least, the security, easier.

Because I've been working with these units for 5 years, it allows me to quickly find the problem and its' elimination. To minimalize the drops is the most critical work within network administration. It perfectly reveals who's all talk and who actually has this know-how. LAN, when it comes to designing, is very specific. The network has to be built quickly, put into action swiftly, and then, packed up quickly upon the LAN's finish. I can build the whole network long before the event because of my access to laboratory Cisco Network Academy and test various configurations. The network is way too like a quicksilver though. There's no way you can always account for everything and sometimes you will face a problem. However, none of them lasted more than couple of minutes :-)

I'd like to thank the INTERCOM SYSTEMS company which helped to raise LanCraft at the whole new level of existence. I hope you all will appreciate this and that you'll enjoy the comfort by playing your favourite game. I can finally enjoy the comfort of quality sleep. ;-) "


INTERCOM SYSTEMS a.s. logoINTERCOM SYSTEMS a.s. operates in ICT branch since 1991. Their main focus is design and realization of computer networks and data centers, including delivery of active elements and providing services with additional value. The company mostly specializes in wire and wireless networks, network security, unified communications, DWDM systems and data centers in last couple of years. The company is also long-term dealer of products from Cisco Systems, currently being a Silver partner. Additionaly, the company is also a partner of HP, VMware, EMC and Netapp. The most notable customers of INTERCOM SYSTEMS a.s. include: Cesnet, Chemo-technological College, Západočeská University, Báňská College, Home Office, Senate, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Local Development, National library, Škoda Auto, Public Transport of Prague, Dial Telecom, Centronet and more.
League of Legends

League of Legend Teams Status

BabyToss21st June 2013 at 17:59
Just two months left until the beginning of the oldest domestic LAN party. The places in BYOC arena are slowly filling up and as such, it is time to talk about how team registrations in team games are progressing so far.

Let's talk about League of Legends League of Legends first. We have 49 out of 60 players registered so far. The teams are as follows:

Registered teams:

  • Slowvirus
  • INfernity
  • MGtY
  • fTB
  • eSuba.Intel
Partially registered teams (at least 2 players)

  • RG
  • eXtatus
  • SGRS
  • fT

Prize pool announcement

BabyToss30th May 2013 at 15:18
BenQ LanCraft Summer 2013 is getting closer and it can't be stopped. Just in 11 weeks another huge LAN party will boom, and we are celebrating 10 years anniversary at the top of all of this. Registrations are steadily filling. We have 110 registered players for BYOC arena and first payments are coming in.

Tournaments with good funding are as always, part of LanCraft, and we won't make an exception this year either. With this, we officially announce financial rewards for games Dota 2 Dota 2, League of Legends League of Legends and StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

  • Dota 2 Dota 2 - 10 000 CZK
  • League of Legends League of Legends - 10 000 CZK
  • StarCraft II - 10 000 CZK
Every game has the same prize pool, which in additional corresponds with the fact that each game has equal amount of seat reservations available. The prize pool is divided in 5-3-2 from first to third place.

We will also bring you valuable prizes, which already go well over 60 000 CZK, in the form of valuable items. How these prizes will be divided? Well, stay tuned for next updates. We can, however say that most of these items will be up for grabs for team games players (DotA & LoL), mainly because StarCraft 2 has much more favourable funding, in terms of individual players.

Plenty of fun at LanCraft Summer

BabyToss28th May 2013 at 20:18
Just slightly more than a month until summer holidays hit, even though this month will be super long for those, who are still obliged to sit in school. Despite of that, we decided to appetize you a bit with upcoming first, and sadly last LanCraft of this year. Those, who have already visited LanCraft can attest to the fact, that days between 22nd to 25th August will be full of intense atmosphere and fun, provdided to you by yours only admin team, hot hostesses included.

We've shared a sketch of main and additional tournaments in Dota 2 Dota 2, League of Legends League of Legends and StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm in the tournament section. As said, all tournaments mentioned will offer a main tournament, where the participants are able to compete for valuable prizes and prize money going into several thousand of CZK. Based on the experiences from the past year, the participants playing in more than one main tournament slow down the process, and as such, one prticipant will be only able to play in just one main tournament.

We have a  good custom since the early beginning of LanCrafts - Every game will also have additional tournament in various modes of the game and you can look forward to tournaments in other (non)computer games. You can use nearby grounds for a beach volleyball if the weather is good and there's also ol' good clasic clashes in table football. We are open to various ideas as well, and if there's enough support for them, you can expect many more competitions and games.


Seat reservations launched!

BabyToss23rd May 2013 at 21:34
Today, we mark exactly three months until LanCraft, which also happens to be the only LanCraft this year, so don't miss out. Which means, that it's time to launch seat reservations for BYOC players. We have 180 seats available at the moment, granting 60 seats for each game. Specifically, the rows are divides as follows:

  • Rows 1-5 and row 9 - StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
  • Rows 7-8 and rows 12-15 - League of Legends League of Legends
  • Rows 16-21 - Dota 2 Dota 2
The remaining seats will be divided based on the interest within the community.

Necessary steps for seat reservations:

There are two ways of payment. You can transfer the money to our bank account, pay or use PayPal. How to go about payment and both of the methods can be found on this page, where you can find all necessary informations.

After we recieve your payment, we will send you a message on your e-mail, after which you will be able to pick your seat in your profile.

Entry fees for multiple players

If you wish to pay the entry fee for more players, ie. for your team, please note down ID of one of your players in your payment and send an e-mail to, stating ID of every player you are paying the fee for.
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