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Free computers for 1v1 players

slambik26th June 2010 at 22:06

Big new I am glad to announce you is the possibility not to bring your own computer to LanCraft. For 1v1 tournaments oly we offer you the possibility to come without your own computer.


If you are unable or you just do not want to bring your own computer, we will have several computers prepared for you, you will be allowed to play your tournament games there.

This means this computres are not dedicated for you only for whole during of the event. Computers are dedicated primarily to tournament games and you will have to release the computer consequently for another else.

If you want to take this possibility, change your profile setting to "player" instead of "BYOC player".

I also remind you this is possible to do only for 1v1 players. For everyone else there is a chance to rent a computer (including monitor) for 300CZK for whole duration of the event.



Computers for rent!

slambik25th June 2010 at 16:33

In the association with gaming house PGCC Velký Špalíček from Brno we proudly announce you, that we can offer you the oportunity to rent your own personal computer for our event.

Prices of PC complets ( = PC + monitor) is 300CZK for whole duration of the event. If you are interested, please send an email to and we will tell you all details. Quantity of PCs is limited, we advise you not to hasitate.


PlayZone TV on the LanCraft

slambik25th June 2010 at 07:16

INTEL LanCraft Summer 2010 will again welcome PLAYzoneTV crew to provide you with the best information coverage LIVE from the event.

"PLAYzoneTV will prepare several live enters from the culture house in Stare Mesto. The company for whole duration of the event will do the TV moderator Bára "Baru" Forstová.

Matter of fact is collecting materials, which will be processed step by step and will be provided you after the end of the event.

The adress for the enters will be found on website. 


Prizes for 1v1 tournaments

slambik24th June 2010 at 12:55

What prizes can you expect for 1v1 tournaments StarCraft, WarCraft, Trackmania and FIFA? We have always a trophy prepared for the best players getting on first place and cash. This cash is depended on number of attended players in single tournaments.

Cash levels according to number of attended players:

  • 10 players: 2.500,- CZK
  • 20 players: 5.000,- CZK
  • 30 players: 7.500,- CZK 

 Because it is possible to sign to many tournaments on this LanCraft, your choice of main tournament will decide about spliting the cash (main tournament is set in your profile). To sign in another tournaments you need to announce it to responsible admin.


IRC channel #lancraft has been launched

slambik23rd June 2010 at 17:20

We have launched our own IRC channel running on server.

You can enjoy all benefits contacting us there in day time and even in night time!

Full adress to our IRC channel: #lancraft@quakenet 


Do you have problems with transportation?

slambik15th June 2010 at 17:15

If you solve problems how to transport yourself to LanCraft, we can offer some help from our side.

The place of the event is located 2 km from main railway station, if you are able to get to Stare Mesto by train, we will take care of you and your stuff from the station to the event.

If you think you can use our service, write us an email, we will dicuss details. We will ask you to give us more information like:

- number of people

- luggage quantity

- estimated time of arrival

When you arrive, just make call to by phoneand we will come to pick you. 



Big Shock for everyone!

slambik30th May 2010 at 12:26
big shock 

With pleasure we announce, that we will give away energy drinks like on the last LanCrafts.

INTEL LC Summer will take 4 days. We are persuaded to give you large amount of energy to handle this event. Big Shock has proved its quality many times before and always has kept players reliably :)

Every attendant of INTEL LanCraft Summer will get 2 energy drinks Big Shock at the entrance! If two is not enough, you can get more when you visit our corner with refreshment.


TrackMania on LanCraft

slambik8th May 2010 at 10:05

 LanCraftwelcomes Trackmania players for the second time in this year!

During 4days long LanCraft the TrackMania Nation Forever tournament will take place. Soif you like fast races and have nothing better to do  during LanCraft event, come to show us your skill.

Prizesdepend on number of signed players:

8 players:2.000,- CZK

12 players:3.000,- CZK

16 players:4.000,- CZK

32 players:8.000,- CZK

Prizes are in cash. Material prizes will be announced later.

Prizes arecalculated, same as in other tournaments, only from players primary signed inthis game. Other players that are signed in another game, can also sign thistournament, but they will not influence prizes anyway.



Celebrate your B-day on the LanCraft

slambik8th May 2010 at 10:03

Will youcelebrate your B-day at the same time as INTEL Summer´s performance? There isnothing easier, then combining your celebration party with the LanCraft event.Everyone from you that will celebrate your B-day on the LanCraft, will have 10beers for free at the bar from us!

  Just show your ID card in the entry hall. It is of course necessary to be 18+.You can use our present as you want, you can share with your friends or keep itfor yourself :)

Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike 1.6. 5v5 tournament

slambik8th May 2010 at 09:59

Thetournament in CS 1.6. on INTEL Summer 2010 will be held with cooperation withgaming portal

Minimumsigned teams for CS 1.6. is set to 12. If the tournament will fill up and stillfree seeds will be available on the lanparty, it is possible to increase thenumber of slots dedicated to CS 1.6.


Prizes inthe tournament in cash:

In case all12 slot are occupied, 15.000,- CZK will be spread as following:

1st place:9.000,- CZK

2nd place:4.500,- CZK

3rd place:1.500,- CZK 

Additionalprizes will be announced later after negotiating with other partners.


Invitedteams with confirmed attendance:





Currentstatus of sign ups is available on the website


If you areinterested to participate in this tournament, please contact admin Milda, he will giveyou more information:

The contact- Milan "milda" Šťovíček


mobil: +420seven seven six 045 289

other way:personal message at

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