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What to bring with you to LanCraft

kara22nd July 2015 at 10:00

LanCraft 2015 preparations are culminating. Tomorrow, the lanparty will open gates to the first visitors. And there will be many. Especially for LanCraft first timers we have prepared a ckeck list.

What to bring and not forget?

A must is ofcourse PC with screen, or any other calculator that can run your game and has an ethernet slot. Do not foget your own peripheries - headphones, mouse, keyboard and mouse pad because the tables are not an optimal gaming surface. If you are planning on spending the night in LanCraft premises, be sure to bring your own sleeping bag & pad.

Do not forget to bring your own ethernet cable. In the past, we have provided the connection to the online world for every player. This year´s event have outgrown our possibilities and we must follow in the steps of the mother of all lanparties, Dreamhack. Therefore, we kindly ask players, to bring their own ethernet cable,. The lenght depends on your spot. Switches will be placed in the middle of every row of tables. If your spot is at the end of the row, you will need atleast 10m of cable.  We still reccomend this lenght even for other spots, just to be sure.

UTP cables will be available for purchase at the event itself.


  • ID
  • PC
  • Screen
  • Gaming peripheries
  • UTP cable  (ideally 10m)
  • sleeping utilities

P.S. We highly recommend not to download torrents, bring virus or perform any other suspicious activity on the net, Do not forget, that we see everything and there is no place to hide  :)

What else can you bring?

There will be showers available at LanCraft premises. It is on your own consideration to use them accordingly. 

It is quite a good idea, to consider form of catering. There will be a fully equipped bar, which will offer, aside from the usual sortiment, tasty pizzas. If you do not find any of these forms of catering appealing, you are free to bring your own food. 

What not to bring?

It is useless to bring power cord extensions. They will be available for every player (We shoot people for power cords with safety switch since 2012). Do keep from bringing your own electronics like hairdryer, cofee maker, kettle, etc. There is a strict prohibition of playing music from speakers, so do not waste space of your luggage.

  • Power cord extensions
  • Electronics (kettle, microwave oven, blowdryer and another electricity thieves)
  • Speakers

World of Tanks is heading to LanCraft

kara30th June 2015 at 20:00

The popular online game World of Tanks World of Tanks will be included among LanCraft tournaments. In cooperation with Wargaming, responsible for WoT, we are glad to announce that LanCraft will reserve place even for enthusiastic tankists.World of Tanks na LC - banner

Tournament in World of Tanks World of Tanks will take place within the BYOC area, therefore you need your own computer to play. Further details will be published as soon as possible.



Prizes distribution for LanCraft 2015

Jump11th June 2015 at 14:09

We already know overall prizes for tournaments at LanCraft 2015. Top players and team in 5 games will split 260 000 CZK ( 9500 €), which is highest amount in history of LanCraft. Today we are introducing distibution of this prizepool between games.


League of Legends League of Legends

1st place - 50 000 CZK (~1820 €)

2nd place - 25 000 CZK (~910 €)

3rd place - 15 000 CZK (~545 €)

4th place - 10 000 CZK (~360 €)



 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

1st place - 30 000 CZK (~1090 €)

2nd place - 20 000 CZK (~730 €)

3rd place - 10 000 CZK (~360 €)


 Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft

1st place - 18 000 CZK (~660 €)

2nd place - 9 000 CZK (~330 €)

3rd place - 6 000 CZK (~220 €)

4th place - 3 000 CZK (~110 €)

5th - 8th place - 1 000 CZK (~36 €)


 Dota 2 Dota 2

1st place - 20 000 CZK (~730 €)

2nd place - 12 000 CZK (~436 €)

3rd place - 8 000 CZK (~290 €)


 StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

1st place - 10 000 CZK (~360 €)

2nd place - 6 000 CZK (~220 €)

3rd place - 4 000 CZK (~150 €)


Some of the games will also recieve additional prizes in form of hardware from our partners. These prizes will be annouced later.


Try the luxury of DXRacer

kara9th June 2015 at 13:13

Few player ignores their gaming equipment and comfort. It is precisely this, that their play and results. While each player has the opportunity to try out the mouse or keyboard in many stores and at many events, choosing the right chair and armchair is quite difficult.

However, in the recent years there is DXRacer. They brought revolutionary armchairs, almost tailor - made for computer gamers to the field of e - sports and it is DXRacer, that becomes the new partner of LanCraft, bringing a huge portion of comfort to he event.DXRacer - banner

You will have a great opportunity to properly test  DXRacer chairs. These seats will be available not only at the finals on the stage, but also in other places such as Intel booth.

Every LanCraft participant (both players and spectators) will upon their entrance also receive a small present in a form of a discount voucher for buying DXRacer armchairs.


Laser game is back at LanCraft

kara5th June 2015 at 22:00

If you are a long-term LanCraft participant, you may recall action Laser Game, which we had at LC several times in the past. This year you can finally enjoy yourselves again in this mobile version of the popular shooter.


Laser Game - banner

Unrestrained action combat simulation without unpleasant side effects that accompany paintball or airsoft. Lightweight and easy to use guns equipped with sound and light effects easily take entertainment to the level of genuine martial rivalry. Agility and tactics in the field are the only thing the player closer to victory.

A special night time arena will be prepared at LanCraft outdoor premises, where teams of four will be able to compare their skills.

Laser Game is operated in cooperation with the Infinite Production, who we would like to thank for their help with realization.


Qualification for the League of Legends tournament begins!

kara4th June 2015 at 12:00

Greatest attention of all the tournaments at LanCraft will be League of Legends League of Legends. The prize in this tournament will consist of 100.000  CZK! Today the first online qualifier began. The top 2 teams will get a slot at the final tournament and therefore will not have to attend BYOC qualification.


Kvalifikace na League of Legends - banner

Tournament in League of Legends League of Legends on LanCraft will undoubtedly be one of the major events on the domestic scene this year. 16 best teams will compete for  100.000 CZK, that will be shared by the very best teams .

KLanCraft qualification will have two parts:

1. part - online qualification

Online qualifiers will be hosted by the PLAYZONE server. For each of the 4 tournaments, two advancing teams will gain a slot in the final tournament.

Qualification dates:

  • 4. 6. 2015 v 17:00 - registration
  • 11. 6. 2015
  • 18. 6. 2015
  • 25. 6. 2015

2. part - BYOC qualification

The great BYOC qualification will take place on LanCraft itself on Friday 24. 7. 2015. All of the teams that have qualified  online will get the opportunity to fight their way into the final tournament. 8 seats will be at the stake, so the chances for winning are  high, but so are the risks of failing.


You can follow today´s qualification on stream, commented by Micák a Baxtrix.


Ticket sale for LanCraft 2015

kara2nd June 2015 at 19:00

We are launching the ticket sale for LanCraft 2015!

This year, LanCraft is finally ready to open its virtual gates to visitors. Starting today, you can buy tickets at a discounted price via online payments for both spectators and players.

Reservation of seats in the BYOC area will be launched in early March.

Vstupné na LanCraft 2015

Unfortunately, we were not able to avoid raising the ticket price in comparison to last year. However, we believe that the size of the event and its quality, as well as the rich accompanying program and prestigious tournaments will be worth every penny.



The price of one admission for a player is 800 CZK when payment is made in advance. In the case of payment on the site, the admission is traditionally 100 CZK higher.

As part of the admission you will get:

  • a place for yourself in a computer gaming hall, BYOC area
  • an opportunity to participate in selected major tournament
  • an opportunity to participate in any number of tournaments and competitions throughout LanCraft (BYOC and the game exhibition areas)
  • possibility of free sleeping in designated Sleeping area
  • access to all public areas of LanCraft


Spectator admission is now available for the whole event or individual days. The price for the whole event, when paid in advance, is 400 CZK. Paid at the event itself, the price for all four days is 500 CZK.
If you want to visit LanCraft for a shorter period of time, you can buy a one-day ticket for the fee of 200 CZK. In this case, payment is only possible on the site.
Admission includes:

  • entrance to LanCraft 2015 for a specified number of days
  • an opportunity to participate in the game exhibition area tournaments and competitions throughout LanCraft
  • possibility of sleeping in designated Sleeping area for a fee 
  • Access to all audience accessible parts of LanCraft


VIP admission for the first paying visitors

The first 200 players and 200 spectators, who will pay a registration fee will recieve a special VIP package from us, including a series of gifts from LanCraft and our partners.

Starting in March, the possible forms of VIP packages will be gradually introduced. The final shape of the package will be a surprise to learn on the event itself upon recieving the package.


Hearthstone tournament for 40.000 CZK

kara2nd June 2015 at 10:00

Hearthstone popularity is growing every day. Not hundreds, but thousands of players play HS in our country, the number of tournaments, and leagues is increasing and there is even an extensive tournament for high schools. Hearthstone will appear at LanCraft for the second time and this year will offer the best endowed tournament in our country. There will be 40,000 CZK in the game!

Hearthstone turnaj

Main tournament

40,000 is an amount that is definitely worth your attention. Thanks to this, the HS 1v1 tournament becomes one of the top two tournaments at this LanCraft . As such, it will also be given a greater span of attention.

The main tournament will not take place only at LanCraft . It will be preceded by online qualifiers, from which 8 players will advance to the final tournament. The remaining eight seats will be complemented by players from Friday's offline qualification at LanCraft .

The best 16 players will then play on Saturday in the last part of the tournament for a prize of  40,000 CZK.

Associated tournaments

Every day, LanCraft will hold side events at Hearthstone for prizes from our partners. Therefore, even although you might be out of the main tournament, your chances of winning aren´t over yet. There will always be something to play for, to compete for. From Thursday until Sunday.


LanCraft 2015

kara2nd June 2015 at 08:00

This year holds a symbol of a big step for all of us - LanCraft will undergo a huge change. The most important one, which binds everything together is the venue. We are moving from already familiar Staré Město to Ostrava, which will provide us with a place to grow and develop for the next few years.

Exhibition place Černá Louka, where LanCraft will take place, will provide 4 large halls including vast outside areas. Not only will this LanCraft be historically the biggest, but it will also be the greatest gaming event in the country, expanding on an area of over 5.000 meters square.

There will be 720 BYOC places prepared for players of the most played e-sport games today:

  • League of Legends League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2 Dota 2
  • StarCraft II: Heart&nbsp;of the Swarm StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft

We will provide you with the details of individual tournaments in short period of time. LanCraft will also host players of several other games, that are yet to be announced.

In addition to the classic tournament action you can expect a big amount of gaming areas with PCs, consoles, technological curiosities and other accompanying entertainment related to gaming - board games, cosplay and more...

Whether you come to LanCraft as players or as spectators be prepared for a constant stream of entertainment, because LanCraft is only one and, as always, goes NONSTOP!


Cosplay World Masters

kara28th May 2015 at 10:21

In the past, we have informed you that this year, LanCraft willl increase the amount of attentiveness dedicated to cosplay. You also already know, that  LanCraft will host 3 major cosplay tournaments with 30.000 Kč prizes for each of the tournaments. Today, we bring you another great news - LanCraft will also host the World Masters cosplay qualification for Czech and Slovak cosplayers!

Cosplay World Masters - banner

Cosplay World Masters is an international cosplay competition with a five year tradition. Its finale will take place in Portugal this year and for the first time ever, Czech and Slovak playeres will be able to participate in it.

An individual contest for cosplayers from both countries, Czech and Slovak, will take place during LanCraft. Winners of both contests will gain a chance to represent their country at the world finals 24. - 25. 10. 2015 in Porto, Portugal.

Winners recieve:

  • Slot at the CWM world finals
  • Plane tiket
  • Accomodation
  • Transport during finals

We will add further details regarding the qualification into cosplay rules. We are looking forward to meeting you! :)

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