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Registration for SC2 tournament

Jump30th March 2011 at 20:52

We have open additional places for Starcraft 2 players due to some unexpected circumstances! If you are the ones, who are fans of this more and more popular RTS strategy and want to compete at the tournament MSI LanCraft, which will be also the first big Czech LAN party, you have your last chance to sign up!

And what are your options?

  1. You can compete in the BYOC area
    The competitor will bring his own computer and will play on his computer for the whole time of this tournament
    Free places for sign up: 2
  2. End of sing ups: 6. 4. 2011
  3. Compete on our computers prepared for sharing
    Competitor will play on the prepared computers, which were prepared by us and these computers will be shared among the competitors
    Free places for sign up: 10
    End of sing ups: 8. 4. 2011 (first day of the LAN party)
  4. Compete on other players' computers in BYOC area
    Competitor will be playing on the computer of some player, who will make an agreement with him
    Free places for sign up: 1 on each of shared computer
    End of sing ups: 8. 4. 2011 (first day of the LAN party)

Price is the same for all three options - 350,- Kc.
But if you will be paying at the LAN party and not in forward, the price will be higher at additional 100,- Kc.

There is 74 StarCraft 2 players registered so far and that is more than many other online tournaments! Can we reach 100 competitors?
It depends solely on you...

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