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Final Results

bio.Radowan4th April 2007 at 12:42
And all is over! The exceptional weekend spent in Rymarov is now history and everyibe can summarize good and bad points of the whole event now. This news is mainly about final results of every single tournament played so that let's come directly to the point:

StarCraft: BroodWar 1on1
1. xLo.CruelToss (aka Draco)
2. uT)Maix
3. xLo.Fabian


StarCraft: BroodWar 2on2
1. xLo.GohaN + xLo.Fabian
2. NeS)Sati + CDS)Lord.Ghoust
3. SkyR.Streetwalker]DK[ + SkyR.KrOOdeR]DK[


StarCraft: BroodWar Micro
1. xLo.CruelToss
2. Chose]DK[
3. CDS)Crow


WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne 1on1
1. mouz.Geil.Gia
2. eXy.h34D_hUnT3R
3. TW.D-Link.LySy
WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne 2on2
1. nEph.Kacer + Horror
2. mouz.Geil.Gia + eXy.h34D_hUnT3R
3. SGC.TiGRiceK + SGC.Amater
WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne DotA
1. nEph.Kacer + DMSC-Funny + Horror
2. SpeedSter]DK[ + SkyR.Streetwalker]DK[ + Bob
3. Banour + Riko + GlooM[nPro

all tournaments
photos taken on LanCraft Spring 2k7

LanCraft Spring 2k7 Schedule

bio.Radowan19th March 2007 at 22:06
12:00 CET - LanCraft opens for players and public
21:00 CET - 2on2 Tours registration deadline
21:30 CET - Beginning of 2on2 Tours (SC:BW + W3:TFT)
24:00 CET - Main 1on1 Tours registration deadline

10:00 CET - Beginning of Main 1on1 Tours (SC:BW + W3:TFT)
16:00 CET - DotA and SC:BW Micro registration deadline
17:00 CET - Beginning of DotA and SC:BW Micro

20:00 - 22:00 CET - SC:BW + W3:TFT 1on1 Finals

10:00 CET - Closing ceremony
13:00 CET - Electricity shutdown
14:00 CET - No one should be there at this time :)

Entry Fees

bio.Radowan10th March 2007 at 23:57
One of the most important things about LanCraft is now clear - entry fees. So how much money will you need to bring with?

Paying in advance:
300,- Czech Crowns (CZK) or €11.00 for BYOC
350,- CZK or €13.00 without computer

Paying directly on LAN party:
400,- CZK or €15.00 for BYOC
450,- CZK or €16.00 without computer

100,- CZK or €4.00 for the entire LAN party
50,- CZK or €2.00 for 1 day only

Paying in advance has been made available since Monday 19 February 2007. There are only 110 BYOC seats to take so hurry up!
StarCraft: Brood War

Official Maps For SC:BW Tournament

bio.Radowan4th March 2007 at 00:08
We know 10 maps which Starcraft players should practice the most if they want to succeed on LanCraft Spring 2k7:

Tau Cross 1.1
Arcadia 2
Longinus 2.0
Peaks of Baekdu 2.2
Neo Arkanoid 2.0
Blitz X 2.0
R-Point 1.0
Gaia 1.0
Luna The Final
Rush Hour 3
WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne

Maps For W3 Revealed

bio.Radowan2nd March 2007 at 23:34
If you do not want to understimate your preparations for the W3:TFT events, you can now start yourtraining on following maps:

Map pool for 1on1:
Secret Valley
Twisted Meadows
Terenas Stand
Echo Isles
Turtle Rock

Map pool for 2on2:
Turtle Rock
Twisted Meadows
Gnoll Wood (TFT version)

DotA will be played on map ver. 6.37!!! (it might be changed according to current league map version)

Paying In Advance & Reservation

bio.Radowan19th February 2007 at 22:13
Six more weeks to go before the LanCraft opens its gates. We have 110 seats for BYOC players including those special ones on the balcony where you have a nice view of the entire LAN party.

Do not hesitate and choose the option to pay in advance. You do not only save your own money, but also reserve your seat.

Account Number: 86-5381410267/0100

When paying from abroad use the IBAN: CZ3201000000865381410267

Use your ID number generated after successful registration as a variable code for the payment.
You can find this ID in your profile on this website.

The seat reservation becomes available for you as soon as your payment is received. If you encounter any problems concerning your payments, post on our forum without delay.

Prizes for Major 1on1 Tournaments

bio.Radowan16th February 2007 at 21:49
If you are ambitious and skilled enough in order to think about top places in one of/both two main 1on1 tours, you might be interested in prizes for the frontal places:

1st Place in SC:BW - 12.000,- CZK (€430.00)
2nd Place in SC:BW - 6.000,- CZK (€215.00)
3rd Place in SC:BW - 2.000,- CZK (€70.00)

1st Place in W3:TFT - 6.000,- CZK (€210.00)
2nd Place in W3:TFT - 3.000,- CZK (€100.00)
3rd Place in W3:TFT - 1.000,- CZK (€40.00)

These cash prizes are valid only when the maximum of 110 BYOC players is reached. If not, cash prizes will accordingly be lowered.


bio.Radowan13th February 2007 at 18:49
Welcome to official website of LAN party in Rymarov and its 8th sequel with a brand new name - LanCraft Spring 2k7. We are looking forward to hundreds of players from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and perhaps some other countries who want to take part in the greatest SC:BW/W3:TFT LAN party in Central Europe. Of course, there will be also minor tournaments including popular DotA and mainly lots of fun.

This website is still under construction and it will be upgraded from time to time. Feel free to undergo the registration process or post on our forum if you encounter some problems or difficulties.
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