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StarCraft: Brood War


sKopheK1st May 2009 at 20:22

Download and run following file to update your gateway list. If there are any problem, ask for help in admin area.


StarCraft: Brood War

SC:BW Mappack Changed

bio.Radowan30th April 2009 at 19:06

MedusaOne of the maps from the official mappack has undergone some adjustments recently. Therefore we have decided to make the following changes:

Medusa 1.1 has been removed from the mappack.

Neo Medusa 2.0 has been added instead.

The entire already upgraded mappack can be downloaded in the rules section.


It's StarCraft: Brood Wartime!

bio.Radowan23rd April 2009 at 20:46

Are you ready for the best real-time strategy ever? The LanCraft Spring 2k9 event offers multiple tours concerning StarCraft and it is only up to you in how many of them you take part:

StarCraft: Brood War StarCraft: Brood War 1on1
StarCraft: Brood War StarCraft: Brood War 1on1 Micro
StarCraft: Brood War StarCraft: Brood War 2on2

The maps listed below forges the official mappack (map previews are available in the rules for StarCraft: Brood War StarCraft: Brood War):

Andromeda 1.0
Blue Storm 1.2
Carthage 1.0
Colosseum II 2.0
Destination 1.1
Medusa 1.1
Python 1.3

The micro tournament will be played on a well-known map of Micro Masters.


TrackMania Nations Forever on LanCraft Again!

bio.Radowan23rd April 2009 at 19:16

Although LanCraft is almost fully devoted to the real-time strategy games, there is no need for the racing fans to be disappointed because the great TrackMania Nations ForeverTrackMania Nations TrackMania Nations Forever will be played in a supporting tournament once again. Everyone is welcome and everyone is allowed to download the game at no cost (follow the link below). The rules are specified in the appropriate rules section but they might be changed depending on the number of participants.


A Brand New Screen!

bio.Radowan23rd April 2009 at 18:56

We are proudly announcing a new improvement of LanCraft!

Thanks to a remarkable financial support from the regular attendant David "Cult.Cultik" Koller, we have been able to provide the greater chamber with a brand new screen.

So finally, the time of hanging bed sheets and stuck white papers is over!

One more thank to Cultik who will be rewarded with free entrance to the upcoming LanCraft and many following ones!


Support Us!

bio.Radowan23rd April 2009 at 18:53

Recently several people have asked us how could they support our efforts to hold and improve LanCraft, one of the most successful LAN parties in the Czech Republic. We worked out the most comfortable solution for them.

There is a new "Donate" button on the left side in the upper part of the webpage. If you have some funds to spare along with a paypal account, do not hesitate and contribute to our cause. Help us to make LanCraft better for you!

 Thank you for your possible generosity!

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