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TrackMania Nations Forever on LanCraft!

bio.Radowan16th August 2008 at 17:27
Another supporting tournament on LanCraft Summer 2k8, in the racing video game Trackmania Nations Forever, has been confirmed. Registration fee is set to 20 CZK (less than €1.00) which means that everyone can afford to take part and we expect a huge number of players. On the other hand, such low fees result in negligible prizes. The final game system is to be set according to number of participants - however, you can be prepared for Time Attack mode on the maps known from ESWC qualifiers in June. (download).

Download link:
StarCraft: Brood War

Mappack for Starcraft: Brood War Revealed

bio.Radowan15th August 2008 at 17:16
Less than a week left to the opening of LanCraft Summer 2k8 and we already know the mappack for all the Starcraft events:

Andromeda 1.0
Athena 1.0
Blue Storm 1.2
Colosseum 1.0
Katrina SE 2.0
Othello 1.1
Python 1.3
Troy 1.0
Wuthering Heights 1.0

Micro Masters

download (0,8 MB)

Big thanks to czech fLan for modifying these maps purely for LanCraft purposes.

The official Czech and Slovak Championship 2008 in Starcraft: Brood War, which runs on Thursday 21st August, has chosen the maps out of this mappack as well - as always, the WCG maps were more likely to be removed and these 5 maps remained:

Wuthering Heights

Rules for StarCraft: Brood War StarCraft: Brood War

Supporting Tour in GTA 2 Announced

bio.Radowan14th August 2008 at 21:14
Besides the traditional supporting tournaments such as Starcraft: Brood War 2on2, Starcraft: Brood War 1on1 Micro, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne 2on2, Defense of the Ancients Defense of the Ancients 2on2 and table soccer 2on2, there will be a special event dedicated to a famous and popular simulator of road crime - Grand Thef Auto 2. The full release of this game has been launched recently on the official webpages of Rockstar Games, the creator of the GTA series.

The game rules will be as follows:

- All players are obliged to use the free release version from the offical webpages of Rockstar Games. Naturally, players are allowed to get the copy of GTA2 at the place of event.
- Game system and map pool will be determined later, based on the number of registered players.
- Type of city is drawn just before the match starts.
- Each match lasts 15 minutes or until someone scores 100 frags.
- According to number of participants, the best player or players from each game advance to next round. Frags are the primary gauge of success, tie breaks are resolved by comparing the score of involved players.
- All vehicles and weapons are allowed.
- Police is always disabled.
- Any of these rules can be still changed by admins.

Download link:

Paying in Advance Soon Over

bio.Radowan13th August 2008 at 21:25
This week, on Friday 15th August, the possibility of paying in advance will be over.

As you know, paying in advance is a good chance how to save your money. The current entry fee value is 450 CZK (c. €20.00) and only 400 CZK (c. €18.00) if you visited the previous LanCraft event.

If you miss the deadline on Friday 15th August, you can still pay the full entry fee at the place of event.

Rent a Monitor on LanCraft

bio.Radowan13th August 2008 at 20:58
It has become a matter of course that you do not need to bring your own monitor and rent some at the place of event instead. However, their number is limited so that it is necessary to book one as soon as possible not to be late! If you are interested, contact Jump via e-mail The price is not high - only 150 CZK (c. €6.00) for the whole event!!!

It's Pizza time!

bio.Radowan4th August 2008 at 18:46
Pizza is the most popular food being consumed during LanCraft in Rymarov. Pizza accompanies the LanCraft visitors in both good and bad times and never says never.

That is why we made an agreement with the pizzeria Karolina again. Every single participant equipped with his/her identification strip will be given reasonable discounts there.
StarCraft: Brood War

LanCraft Spring 2k8 highlight movie

w3c]ErrOr28th July 2008 at 13:01
After weeks of delays, the movie with the best moments of LanCraft Spring 2k8 StarCraft: Brood War StarCraft: Brood War 1v1 tournament is finally here. From the huge number of replays, there are about 30 best actions of the players participating in this tournament. After downloading the movie, you will hear some dance music from the Czech Skyline, Kana or Blaze. Enjoy!

Some of the featured players:


download (120 MB)
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